MUST READ: MiW Design Studio (MDS) launches its space-themed website!

MiW Design Studio, the fastest-growing design and digital agency under the MiW Corporation is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved website that speaks loudly of its brand as an agency that provides rocket-fast digital marketing solutions from website design to development, digital marketing, and its flagship product, the unlimited design solutions.

Our team of creative professionals have worked meticulously to blow off this creative project while we showcase a space and rocket science theme as we highlight out-of this-world, unique, and brand on-point services for our clients who needed market attention and powerful user-experience. Furthermore, it aims to show our customers how stars are reached and tap their target market strategically.

The site is on it’s full-scroll screen interface as we are eager to tell stories with continuity and provide simple linear experience to our users.

We are also very excited to highlight our Facebook account that will feature a variety of content that surely, design enthusiasts and corporations need.

Click to touch base with the website on its beta version here :

We are thrilled to be able to deliver the best to you. Let us know what you think about the website and we’ll give you free design and development consultation! Reply to the feedback form here.


Top Filipino Design experts collaborate on an exciting project

from left to right Jeffrey San Juan Web design and development Lead, Chie Relosa Digital Arts Specialist, Michael Feria Typography and Calligraphy Specialist, Michael Maybituin Creative Director, Johnny Velarde UI/UX Designer, JP Bayang Brand Strategist, Daniel Sumilang Lead Photographer, Mado Rarang Senior Designer

With the passion on building creative and brand-focused solutions to companies and improve their ad-based digital and non-digital marketing strategies, to both SMEs, startups and corporations.

The core team of 8 people backed by a diverse pool of designers and expert marketing strategists both digital and offline stretched plans to cater to its flagship product of UNLIMITED DESIGN solutions.

The MIW Design Studio works under the umbrella of MIW Corporation, a technology and consulting company that provides a wide-range  end to end  digital services to individuals and corporations.

This project is set to launch by July 2018 to allow more companies and designers to work with the agency and help more companies to maximise their marketing budget to effective strategies that will target the brand’s market.

Aside from design solutions, the team is also well-equipped in handling and maintaining social media presence, collateral design production, digital marketing and a lot more.

Contact the team now and be the first to get the introductory package for an UNLIMITED DESIGN SERVICES.

MiW Design Studio Has A New Creative Director!

MiW Design Studio has a new captain at the helm. Michael Maybituin is taking over as Creative Director of MiW Design Studio.

Michael has over ten years of experience in web and graphic design, starting out as a graphic designer in 2006. Since then, Michael has gained an ample amount of knowledge in essential design, software and developed a keen eye for design.

He has worked extensively with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as other tools for design. Website and app UI, business sets, flyers, posters, billboards – name it and Michael has designed it.

He previously worked as a Creative Associate for Tata Consultancy Services, handling different teams of web designers. Working for different types of companies, he held different roles and developed his skills along the way.

With such an experienced Creative Director leading the MiW Design Studio team, we can look forward to achieving greater heights and exploring new territories in the coming year and beyond.